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Maximizing AWS Cost Savings with Serverless Architecture
Understand the fundamentals of Serverless Architecture and the best practices to build cost-effective cloud applications using this model.
Overcoming Challenges in RI Management through AI-driven Automated Solution
Know about the challenges faced while managing AWS RIs & how an automated RI Management solution can help in conquering these challenges leading to optimal RI utilization & cost efficiency.
How to maximize the benefits of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP)
Understand the basics of the AWS Enterprise Discount Program and learn some secret hacks to maximize your ROI on EDP. Also, explore the benefits of working with an EDP Partner.
FinOps Vendor Ecosystem you should know before nailing your Cloud Optimization Strategy
Learn about the dynamics of the FinOps market and the FinOps Vendor Ecosystem to help you choose the right FinOps Partner and implement an effective Cloud Cost Optimization Strategy.
Acing the Cloud Optimization by choosing the right services, pricing & best practices
Discover the major considerations in cloud infrastructure management and the importance of Automated Cloud Optimization solutions for a robust cloud strategy.
Cloud infrastructure done right with the AWS Well-Architected Framework
A walkthrough of the six pillars of AWS Well Architected Framework, the design principles of the pillars and the best practices for benchmarking against them.
Unlock the Ultimate Guide to FinOps Strategy & Implementation
Understand how to build a FinOps culture, implement cloud FinOps and the best practices to make your team accountable for every penny spent on AWS.
Choosing the Right AWS Service to Optimize Your Cloud and Beyond
Learn how to choose the right AWS service for your needs, that help optimize costs, while simultaneously building modern, scalable applications.
Unlocking Cost benefits in the AWS ecosystem
Shifting to AWS cloud allows businesses to scale, while reducing their overall costs. Learn how to unlock the true cost benefits for your AWS infrastructure.
A complete guide to Public Cloud Security
Learn some proactive approaches to Cloud workload protection and and gain an in-depth view of how to go about making your workloads on Cloud more secure.
FinOps: Challenges, Remedies & Ecosystem
Know more about the FinOps discipline, the value companies derive from adopting this practice, and the types of FinOps Services providers in the market.
Demystifying AWS Data Transfer Charges
Understand the cost levers affecting data transfer charges in AWS cloud. Also learn how to avoid the architectural pitfalls which lead to huge AWS costs.
Best practices to cut down your AWS spend by 5-15%
Dive deeper into some best practices, lesser-known facts and quick-fixes, to optimize your AWS spend for your business needs and reduce cloud costs.
Autoscaling doesn’t lead to cost-saving, unless done right
Learn the common mistakes that the cloud teams make while implementing auto-scaling on the AWS cloud and best practices that must be followed.
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