Effortless Cloud Migration for Your Business Success
Feeling lost in the cloud migration maze?  CloudKeeper is here to help! 
We partner with you every step of the way, from planning and assessment to launch, ensuring your cloud setup perfectly fits your business needs. This means a seamless journey with zero roadblocks, leading to a scalable, powerful, and cost-effective cloud environment built for your success.
CloudKeeper guides you from start to finish with our structured 10-step roadmap
  • Assessment

    We meticulously evaluate your IT infrastructure to understand your needs and craft the best migration path.

  • Planning

    Based on the assessment, we create a customized plan outlining the migration approach for each application.

  • Rehost

    This quick-start option involves moving existing applications "as-is" to the cloud with minimal modifications.

  • Replatform

    We modernize your applications to leverage cloud-native features and services, enhancing performance and scalability.

  • Repurchase

    We analyze licensing and identify opportunities to optimize costs by transitioning to cost-effective cloud subscriptions.

  • Refactor

    This approach involves restructuring applications to fully exploit cloud functionalities, maximizing long-term benefits.

  • Retain

    Not everything needs to move! We help you identify applications better suited for on-premises due to security or compliance.

  • Retire

    We decommission unused or outdated applications, streamlining your IT landscape and eliminating unnecessary costs.

  • Training

    Equip your team with the knowledge to manage and utilize the new cloud environment effectively.

  • 24x7 Support

    We offer ongoing support to address any challenges and continuously optimize your cloud spending for long-term cost-efficiency.

Multi-Cloud Capabilities
With top-tier partnerships and certified cloud professionals, CloudKeeper offers migration expertise across all major cloud providers.
  • AWS Premier Consulting Partner
  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Azure CSP
Get Additional Benefits from the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)
Planning to migrate to the AWS Infrastructure? Ensure a smooth and successful transition with the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP). As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, CloudKeeper offers comprehensive support, providing you with exclusive benefits such as:
  • Financial Assistance through AWS Funding
  • Access to AWS-Certified Cloud Architects
  • Flexibility with the Program Participation
  • Support for Application Modernization
The CloudKeeper Advantage
Over a decade and a half of cloud expertise positions CloudKeeper as your ideal migration partner, helping businesses of all sizes and industries navigate complex cloud journeys. Our seasoned team understands the intricacies of migration strategies and best practices, ensuring a flawless transition with:
  • cloud costs savings

    Minimal Downtime

    Keep your business running smoothly during the migration.

  • cloud costs savings

    Improved Performance

    Experience faster processing times and a more responsive cloud environment.

  • cloud costs savings

    DevOps Support

    Seamlessly integrate your cloud infrastructure with your development and operations workflows.

  • cloud costs savings

    Security Considerations

    Prioritize data protection and compliance throughout the migration process.

  • cloud costs savings

    Workload Modernization

    Seamless transitions while updating and optimizing workloads, like migration to Graviton-based instances or GP3 storage volumes.

  • cloud costs savings

    Cost Optimization Expertise

    Leverage our industry-leading Cloud Cost Optimization solutions which have delivered over $100 million in cloud savings across 350+ customers.

Why choose CloudKeeper as 
your Cloud Cost Optimization Partner?


Years of experience in cloud


Certified solutions architects & cloud experts


Global customers


Average savings on the entire cloud bill

What Our Clients Say
From DevOps engineers to CTOs, CFOs, and CEOs — CloudKeeper is loved by all!
  • After onboarding in just 1-2 days, you get recommendations by Cloudkeeper about the gaps & leakage you have in your AWS account, underutilized resources, data transfer leakage, RI utilization & alert mechanisms which helps in further savings.

    Dipesh Garg

    DevOps lead
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