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Choosing the Right FinOps Partner
Discover the essential checklist for choosing the perfect FinOps partner to elevate your cloud cost optimization strategy and ensure long-term cloud success.
By Jevin Jensen
How to achieve 100% AWS Reserved Instances Coverage?
Understand the importance of AWS Reserved Coverage in cloud cost optimization, the best practices to follow, the challenges in achieving 100% AWS RI coverage, and how CloudKeeper Auto could help.
By Team CloudKeeper
10 Strategies to Find the Perfect AWS Services for Your Business
A cheat sheet to discover the right AWS services for your business. Learn 10 practical strategies to optimize your cloud journey and achieve your business goals.
By Team CloudKeeper
5 Cloud FinOps Resources Every Cloud Engineer Should Know
Explore and learn about five cloud FinOps resources including books, videos, and podcasts, which can help cloud professionals enhance their FinOps skills.
By Team CloudKeeper
Cloud Cost Pitfalls to Avoid while Migrating to Docker Orchestration
Understand the common mistakes you could make while migrating to the docker orchestration model and how to avoid them to achieve your cloud cost optimization goals.
By Jaynesh Srivastava
How to Choose the Best Cloud Cost Optimization Platform for Your Business
Learn how to choose the right cloud cost optimization platform for your business that helps monitor cloud costs, perform cloud budgeting, and reduce cloud spending.
By Team CloudKeeper
Optimizing cloud costs using Jenkins Shared Library
Understand the basics of Jenkins Shared Library and learn how to use the feature to optimize your cloud infrastructure and reduce cloud costs.
By Abhishek Chauhan
Top Cloud FinOps KPIs you must measure to drive success: A Complete Guide
Explore essential Cloud FinOps KPIs that supercharge your cloud management. Achieve optimized cloud costs, improved visibility, and seamless governance and automation.
By Aman Aggarwal
An Engineer's Handbook to Cloud Cost Optimization
Three actionable insights on how engineers can build cloud cost intelligence, spend responsibly and gain the key FinOps know-how.
By Team CloudKeeper
AWS Reserved Instances Buying Guide: Common Pitfalls and Essential Considerations
Your strategy guide to making informed AWS Reserved Instance (RI) purchases. Know the common mistakes and prioritize essential considerations for maximizing cost-efficiency.
By Sushil Chandra
Why Cloud Financial Management is important for Businesses?
Learn how Cloud financial management can optimize costs, foster a cost-conscious culture, and drive growth. Save up to 60% on cloud expenses with right strategy.
By Team CloudKeeper
Decoding IDC Market Glance: FinOps Cloud Transparency for 2023
Understand the IDC Market Glance report for FinOps Cloud Transparency, and learn how to choose the right FinOps partner for your business.
By Jevin Jensen
5 Practical Challenges in Cloud Cost Optimization and How to Overcome Them
Learn 5 most common cloud cost challenges faced by businesses across the world and the best practices to overcome them.
By Deepak Mittal
The Cloud Myth – "Pay For What You Use"
Learn the importance of resource provisioning in cloud billing covering rightsizing, auto-scaling, and idle resource clean-up.
By Deepak Mittal
5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in AWS Auto Scaling Groups
AWS Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) adjust EC2 capacity automatically, maintaining your infrastructure effectively. Learn here the 5 common mistakes you should avoid.
By Rachana Kumari, Aditya Sinha
Optimizing Container Image Access: VPC Endpoint for Amazon ECR
Explore the VPC Endpoint and how it helps to streamline data access from the Amazon ECR repositories. Discover cost benefits, use cases, and a demo setup.
By Karandeep Singh
ECS Service Communication: Discovering Via Service Connect
Learn how to optimize Amazon ECS service communication with ECS Service Discovery and Connect, ensuring smooth and reliable interactions between services.
By Shubham Singhal
Unconventional Strategies for Optimizing AWS Costs in Non-production Workloads
Learn ingenious techniques for minimizing AWS costs in non-production workloads. Read the blog and unlock aws cost-saving strategies beyond traditional methods
By Shivam Uniyal
How to Maximize Cloud Cost Efficiency by Utilizing Automation and Scripting?
Automation and scripting can be powerful tools for optimizing cloud costs. This blog post will show you how to use these techniques to significantly reduce your cloud bill and improve resource utilization.
By Satyam Negi
How to save money on AWS EBS Volumes?
AWS EBS is a scalable, high-performance block storage service, specially designed for AWS EC2 instances. Read here, how to save costs on AWS EBS volumes.
By Ashutosh Tripathi
Best Practices for AWS Cloud Cost Optimization
Mastering AWS Cost Optimization - Learn effective strategies for maximum savings. Learn to optimize app architecture, instance selection, tools and more.
By Arjun Panwar
Efficient Data Management: Amazon S3 Savings Guide
Amazon S3 Cost Saving: Learn best practices for using Amazon cost management services to save money and optimize your resources efficiently.
By Prachi Kanyal
How to optimize AWS EC2 instances and save costs by migrating to an ARM processor?
Learn how to optimize AWS EC2 instances by migrating to an ARM processor for peak efficiency and cost savings. A step-by-step guide to migrate your infrastructure from AMD to ARM processor.
By Ratan Karan Srivastava
Mastering AWS Fargate Cost Optimization: Tips for Right-Sizing and Task Scheduling with ECS Fargate
Learn effective strategies to optimize AWS Fargate costs through right-sizing and task scheduling with ECS Fargate. Boost cloud efficiency with expert guidance.
By Sanath Waghela
The benefits of using AWS Trusted Advisor
AWS Trusted Advisor offers real-time guidance for optimizing infrastructure, boosting security, and cutting costs. Read blog to know more about its benefits.
By Vijit Vidya
Cost Optimization with AWS Auto Scaling: Architectural Best Practices and Strategies
Guide to AWS Auto Scaling to maximize cost-effectiveness. Learn architectural best practices and strategies to maximize resources, improve output, and reduce costs.
By Arpit Shah
How to save money on AWS using EC2 Auto Scaling Groups Features?
Discover strategies to effectively save money using EC2 Auto Scaling Groups. Explore strategies to optimize EC2 expenses and achieve significant savings while maintaining performance and scalability.
By Team CloudKeeper
How to save money on AWS QuickSight?
Discover comprehensive guide on how to save money on AWS QuickSight. Learn expert strategies to save money while leveraging the capabilities of AWS QuickSight.
By Subhadeep Mukherjee
AWS Redshift Cost Optimization: Best Practices for Data Warehousing
Learn how to maximize cost-efficient data warehousing with AWS Redshift. Discover expert tips for performance and savings. Optimize your cloud analytics now.
By Priyanka Hajare
How to Automate AWS Resource Optimization with DevOps Tools?
Learn how to Streamline AWS Resource Optimization Using DevOps Tools. Discover efficient strategies to enhance performance, reduce costs, and boost productivity.
By Atishay Jain
AWS CloudFront Best Practices: Optimizing Performance and Cost
Learn about AWS CloudFront best practices to optimize performance & save costs. Maximize efficiency with expert tips & strategies for superior content delivery.
By Amol Pandey
How to Build a Cost-Effective AWS Infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?
Learn how to build a cost-effective AWS infrastructure using the power of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Discover efficient techniques to reduce expenses.
By Sarthak Kohli
How to save money on AWS Glue jobs
Learn valuable tips to save money on AWS Glue jobs. Optimize code, use data compression, monitor job logs, and explore cost-saving features like Flex Execution.
By Dipali Sharma
Reducing AWS Elasticsearch Costs: Optimization Strategies for Search Services
Discover cost-effective optimization techniques for AWS Elasticsearch. maximize savings while improving the effectiveness of search services.
By Amit Raturi
AWS Cost Optimization with Multi-Region and Multi-Availability Zone Deployments
Read about AWS cost optimization using multi-region and multi-availability zone deployments, benefiting from reduced costs, improved availability, and fault tolerance.
By Anujesh Soni
Reducing AWS Data Transfer Costs (Internet Out) with Architecture Optimization and Caching Strategies
Learn to reduce AWS Data Transfer Costs with architecture optimization & caching strategies. Streamline data flow, save on expenses, & maximize AWS resources
By Swapnil Shende
AWS Cost Optimization with Reserved Instances
Learn how to effectively use Reserved Instances to achieve AWS cost savings. Explore the benefits & limitations of Convertible RIs and its usage in different scenarios.
By Meghna Rawat
Monitoring Long Running Fargate Tasks
Learn how AWS ECS Fargate’s event-driven architecture and monitoring can bring about significant AWS cost savings.
By Lekhika Goswami
Reducing AWS Lambda Costs: Optimization Tips for Serverless Computing
Discover effective techniques to reduce AWS Lambda costs in serverless computing, thus saving on resources along with optimizing your serverless architecture.
By Amol Pandey
AWS EC2 Cost Optimization: Right-Sizing and Instance Selection Tips
Discover how right-sizing and instance selection can be an effective AWS cloud cost-reduction strategy for your system.
By Ajay Jha
AWS RDS Cost Optimization Strategies for DevOps and DBAs
Learn the provisioning best practices and cost optimization techniques that can help reduce AWS RDS costs while improving their performance.
By Arpit Shah
AWS Eventbridge with Amazon ECS: A Cost-Effective Alternative to run Crons
A step-by-step guide on how to migrate your cron jobs to Amazon ECS via AWS EventBridge rule for scalability, cost savings, and simplified management.
By Akhilesh Rana
AWS Cost Allocation and Optimization: Effective Tagging Strategies
Know more about the effective tagging strategies play a crucial role in AWS cost allocation and optimization.
By Tarun Saxena
Reduce AWS Costs and Improve Workflow Efficiency with Step Functions
Learn how to realize AWS cost optimization through the use of Step Functions, with the help of real-world use cases.
By Iman Abbas
Common Misconceptions about Cloud Costs and How to Overcome Them
Read a few common cloud cost misconceptions and discover effective solutions to optimize your budget and make informed cloud decisions for cost efficiency.
By Anshul Rana
Saving Cloud Costs with Docker Orchestration: Real-world Examples
Discover how Docker orchestration can help reduce cloud costs. Explore real-world examples and practical strategies for optimizing resource allocation.
By Mayank Kumar
Cost Optimization Strategies for AWS CloudWatch Logs and Metrics
A guide on optimizing costs for AWS CloudWatch Logs & Metrics. Learn the strategies, best practices, and tools to increase efficiency, reduce expenses, & maximize resource utilization. 
By Yash Mittal
Amazon S3 Cost Management: How to Choose the Right Storage Classes
Discover effective Amazon S3 cost management strategies and expert tips for selecting storage classes. Optimize your expenses with informed decisions.
By Riya Mudgal
Optimizing AWS EBS Volumes: Strategies for Modernizing Your Infrastructure
Discover the benefits of optimizing AWS EBS volumes with a deep dive into the different EBS volume types. Learn the strategies to modernize your AWS EBS storage.
By Rohit Verma
AWS Savings Plans Vs. Reserved Instances: When To Use Each?
Get to know the essentials of AWS Savings Plans and Reserved Instances and learn when to use each of them to achieve a cost-optimized AWS EC2 infrastructure.
By Aditya Mishra
AWS Reserved Instances: Maximizing Savings with FinOps Principles
Understand the basics of AWS Reserved Instances, the importance of optimizing RIs, and how to achieve maximum AWS cost savings using strategic FinOps decisions.
By Deepank Varshney
Avoiding Common Mistakes When Optimizing Non-Production Environments on AWS
Learn some common mistakes to avoid while optimizing non-production cloud environments for better AWS savings and enhanced performance.
By Saurav Thakur
10 Unconventional Hacks to Optimize Your AWS Cost and Maximize Savings
Discover unconventional hacks to reduce AWS cloud costs and save money. Cost-saving techniques that will ensure your cloud spending is always optimized.
By Pankaj Kaushik
Optimizing AWS S3 Costs: Best Practices for Storage Cost Management
The best practices in managing AWS S3 storage service, to achieve cloud cost savings, while streamlining real-time data access.
By Aman Khandelwal
How to Use KEDA to Scale Your Kubernetes Workloads ?
A brief explanation of the KEDA Architecture and a walkthrough of how to use the component to streamline the Kubernetes Workloads for Cloud Cost Optimization.
By Garvit Mishra
Managing AWS Reserved Instances with Automation and DevOps Tools
Learn how to resolve the practical challenges in AWS Reserved Instance Management with the help of Automation and DevOps Tools.
By Aanchal Sharma
Using AWS CloudFormation StackSets for Cost-Effective Infrastructure Deployment
Understand the basics of AWS CloudFormation Stacksets and know how they streamline infrastructure deployment and cloud spend optimization.
By Arpit Shah
Demystifying the Cloud Cost Vendor Landscape: Finding the Right Fit
A breakdown of the FinOps Vendor Landscape to help decision-makers choose the right Cloud Cost Optimization tool and partner for the needs of their organization.
By Jevin Jensen
Auto-Scaling might just be ‘overrated’ : A customer story that unveiled the reality
Read a customer story that reinforces the notion that Auto Scaling not necessarily lead to cloud cost savings, unless done right!
By Neeraj Gupta
Decoding Cloud FinOps : Exploring the Fundamentals
Understand the basic concepts of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization, the founding principles of Cloud FinOps, and the three phases of the FinOps Lifecycle.
By Team CloudKeeper
How to avoid the ‘AWS Flexibility Tax’ with CloudKeeper?
For AWS users, it is always hard to balance operational flexibility and cloud costs. Learn how to dodge this ‘Flexibility Tax’ with the help of CloudKeeper.
By Deepak Mittal
Right-Sizing Your AWS EC2 Instances: Strategies and Best Practices for Every DevOps Team
Right sizing strategies for AWS EC2 instances, to help DevOps professionals prevent cloud waste, reduce AWS costs and streamline their EC2 infrastructure.
By Ritika
CloudKeeper is recognized as a leader in cloud cost management, once again!
CloudKeeper is a global leader in the G2 Grid® Report for the second time. We are in the top 3 positions for the best cloud cost management worldwide.
By Team CloudKeeper
Optimizing AWS EKS Costs: Strategies for Kubernetes Cluster Management
Take a look at some of the cloud cost reduction strategies that you could implement in your AWS EKS environment to prevent it from causing budget overruns.
By Ravi Rana
The Role of Automation in FinOps: Best Practices for Cloud Cost Management
Automation helps to continuously track cloud usage, streamline workflows, and reduce cloud costs. Learn the role of automation in FinOps and the best practices.
By Ashutosh Behera
FinOps Maturity and Metrics: Time to Take Off the Training Wheels
In this insightful blog by IDC, learn about the importance of FinOps maturity and metrics in organizations to improve cloud spending transparency and accountability.
By Jevin Jensen
How to Maximize the Value of your Cloud Investment with the AWS Enterprise Discount Program?
Learn how CloudKeeper has been delivering maximum value to its AWS EDP customers for more than a decade now, with instant and guaranteed savings.
By Sakshi Srivastava
Crafting a Long-Term Cloud FinOps Strategy with AWS EDP
Understand how the AWS Enterprise Discount Program offers you unlock big AWS savings and how a cloud FinOps partner could help you make the most of it.
By Team CloudKeeper
Cloud Cost Optimization Solutions : Understanding The Key Vendor Segments
The Cloud FinOps lifecycle involves three phases - Inform, Optimize and Operate. Know the FinOps vendor landscape based on their alignment with the lifecycle.
By Aman Aggarwal
CloudKeeper Grabs the Leader Spot in Winter 2023 G2 Grid® Report
CloudKeeper stands strong in the top 3 spots for best cloud cost management solutions worldwide, in the G2’s Winter 2023 Grid Report.
By Sakshi Srivastava
How to Take Control of Your Cloud Costs Like an Expert? - Five Best Practices
In this era of multi-cloud and digital-first, cost optimization has become far more important. Here are some best practices to help reduce your cloud costs.
By Sakshi Srivastava
How to Optimize Your Cloud Spends with Little or No Efforts?
Cloud FinOps need not be too complex. Here are some of the easiest ways to optimize cloud spend that do not require any kind of development changes
By Sakshi Srivastava
7 Effective Ways to Reduce your AWS Cloud Spend
Learn some of the most effective ways to reduce your AWS cloud spends, making the most of every penny spent on your cloud infrastructure.
By Neeraj Gupta
AWS Cloud Cost Optimization 101
Learn the best practices pertaining to AWS cost optimization and how CloudKeeper help its customers build cloud cost awareness.
By Neeraj Gupta
Solving the AWS Cost Monitoring Challenge in an Organization’s Cloud Journey
Any organization using the AWS Cloud should have a cloud cost monitoring plan in place. Learn the major cloud cost monitoring challenges and how to solve them.
By Aman Aggarwal
Uncovering 5 Top-rated Business Benefits of DevOps
DevOps promotes a culture of collaboration breaking the traditional silos. Learn some of the most advanced business benefits that DevOps brings to the table.
By Poulomi Nag
Why On-Board Managed Service Providers for your Cloud Strategy?
Learn the top 5 reasons why onboarding a Cloud Managed Service Provider is a smart move for any organization on the cloud.
By Aman Aggarwal
AWS Migration: On-Premise Data Center to Cloud in 7 Steps
Are you planning to deploy your data, applications and other business elements on the AWS cloud? Read on to learn how you can optimize the process.
By Neeraj Gupta
6 Barriers to DevOps and How to Avoid Them
Some companies are still unaware of the true value of Cloud DevOps or consider it to be complex. Know the major barriers to DevOps and how to ovecome them.
By Tej Prakash
20 Tips and Tricks to Make AWS Work to Your Advantage
Tap into the true potential of AWS Services with some cool hacks to save your cloud costs and to manage your cloud infrastructure effectively.
By Poulomi Nag
Evolution of Managed Services in Cloud
Learn how Managed Service Providers evolved from traditional data centers to cloud servers, enabling enhanced productivity and reduced cloud costs.
By Neeraj Gupta
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