Careers in AWS: Top AWS Certifications for Cloud Professionals
AWS has maintained its position as a leader in the cloud market. Know the top AWS certifications that open the gateway to careers in AWS for cloud professionals.
By Team CloudKeeper
10 Strategies to Find the Perfect AWS Services for Your Business
A cheat sheet to discover the right AWS services for your business. Learn 10 practical strategies to optimize your cloud journey and achieve your business goals.
By Team CloudKeeper
Cloud Cost Pitfalls to Avoid while Migrating to Docker Orchestration
Understand the common mistakes you could make while migrating to the docker orchestration model and how to avoid them to achieve your cloud cost optimization goals.
By Jaynesh Srivastava
Optimizing cloud costs using Jenkins Shared Library
Understand the basics of Jenkins Shared Library and learn how to use the feature to optimize your cloud infrastructure and reduce cloud costs.
By Abhishek Chauhan
Optimizing Container Image Access: VPC Endpoint for Amazon ECR
Explore the VPC Endpoint and how it helps to streamline data access from the Amazon ECR repositories. Discover cost benefits, use cases, and a demo setup.
By Karandeep Singh
ECS Service Communication: Discovering Via Service Connect & Service Discovery
Learn how to optimize Amazon ECS service communication with ECS Service Discovery and ECS Service Connect, ensuring smooth and reliable interactions between services.
By Shubham Singhal
How to save money on AWS EBS Volumes?
AWS EBS is a scalable, high-performance block storage service, specially designed for AWS EC2 instances. Read here, how to save costs on AWS EBS volumes.
By Ashutosh Tripathi
Efficient Data Management: Amazon S3 Savings Guide
Amazon S3 Cost Saving: Learn best practices for using Amazon cost management services to save money and optimize your resources efficiently.
By Prachi Kanyal
Mastering AWS Fargate Cost Optimization: Tips for Right-Sizing and Task Scheduling with ECS Fargate
Understand about ECS Fargate Pricing. Learn effective strategies to optimize AWS Fargate costs through right-sizing and task scheduling with ECS Fargate.
By Sanath Waghela

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