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Achieve sustainable AWS cloud cost savings through cloud cost optimization tips by industry experts
“We were not in the position to commit for like one year forget about three years” - Amit Poddar - CTO, eLocal (a HomeServe Company). Get insights and recommendations on how to ensure maximum savings on AWS cloud bills from the first day of onboarding with Cloudkeeper.
Understand the cloud cost optimization techniques by AWS-certified experts and combat various cost optimization issues like a pro.
“We saved almost 8% right away, after signing up” - Ben Rhodes - Program Director, Next Practice. Get expert recommendations and useful rightsizing practices from FinOps leaders which helps in guaranteed AWS cloud savings!
Get insights into FinOps best practices and cloud cost optimization techniques to streamline the AWS infrastructure.
“The cost insights are really good. Thumbs up for that!” - Alan Lai - Head of Engineering, Fave. Understand the issues faced by Cloud leaders in scaling the enterprises and how they ensure efficient cloud cost management.
Ensure Guaranteed AWS cloud cost savings from Day 1
“We have access to AWS experts whenever we need them” - Prateek Baheti - Head of Technology, MoneySmart. Get actionable insights from industry leaders on how they tackle cloud cost optimization challenges.
Learn how to get a streamlined and cost optimized AWS infrastructure from industry experts
“Due to multiple billing accounts, initially the AWS infrastructure was really messy” - Arif Shanji - Senior VP - Engineering, Wahed. Discuss with cloud FinOps experts to minimize the cloud cost spends using the unconventional hacks.
Optimize the AWS cloud spends using best practices and techniques discussed by Cloud leaders
“Absolutely no impact on our relationship with AWS” - Dipesh Garg - DevOps Lead, upGrad. Learn more about the cost optimization best practices for saving big on cloud spends.
Ace your cloud FinOps journey with recommendations from AWS-certified cloud experts.
“All it took was a simple billing arrangement” - Steven Thurlow - CEO, Singula Decisions. Know more about how to address the Cloud FinOps challenges and get instant cloud cost savings from day 1.
AI-Driven AWS RI Management: Achieving Maximum Coverage with ZERO Commitment
Unpredictable workloads and uncertainty in purchase decisions are just a few of the many pressing issues of managing and optimizing AWS Reserved Instances. Sounds familiar?
Common mistakes by AWS Users and the solutions to these problems
A walkthrough of the common mistakes that you should avoid to reduce your AWS bills and the best practices that could help you save cloud costs up to 24%
Know how to manage your AWS Spends efficiently, along with budgeting and forecasting
A discussion between cloud domain experts on measuring the performance of cloud FinOps teams and the processes of forecasting budgets in variable cloud costs.
Know how you can build a FinOps Culture with the help of a FinOps Partner
Learn from the experts on building a FinOps culture with collaboration, value-driven decision making, accountability, real-time data and a variable cost model.
Learn how to choose the right tools and services for FinOps and RI Management
Listen to some of the most influential technology leaders giving actionable insights into managing speed and quality while focusing on cloud cost optimization.
Major challenges in FinOps and the best practices for Cloud Cost Optimization
A keynote session by Lauren Nelson, Director at Forrester Research, about how consumer behavior has evolved in the past years, opening the way to Cloud FinOps.
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