Achieve sustainable AWS cloud cost savings through cloud cost optimization tips by industry experts

Reducing your AWS bill is hard, reducing it further is harder.
The 45-minute webinar unravelled the unconventional hacks to cut down the AWS Bill instantly.
We discussed various ways to ensure guaranteed reduction on entire AWS bills.

The diverse audience included:

  1. Product Companies - CEO, CFO, Head of Finance & Founders
  2. Venture Capitalist Firms - Angel Investors
  3. Digital-Native Businesses - CTO, CIO & Head of Engineering

The major takeaways from the session were:

  • Learnt various unconventional cost optimization hacks
  • Save further by learning techniques from industry experts
  • Hear product owners' experiences with using these hacks
  • Questions & Answer session with the audience


  1. Aman Aggarwal - AVP, Cloud & DevOps
    CloudKeeper AWS Certified Professional with 15+ years of experience.
  2. Amit Poddar - CTO, eLocal (a HomeServe Company)
    Technology leader with 30+ years of Industry experience.

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