Why bother about FinOps today?

Keynote Session at FinOps Accelerate

TO THE NEW recently concluded FinOps Accelerate, an AWS FinOps Virtual Conference, with the main objective of creating a discussion around FinOps and providing practical and actionable insights on the topic. The conference was graced by some of the most influential CTOs and IT Influencers from leading companies. The one-day conference had a keynote address by Lauren Nelson, VP & Research Director at Forrester Research.


Lauren highlighted how consumer behavior has changed over the course of the past two years and the resulting growth in cloud investments. This has led to rising infrastructure costs opening the way to the practice of FinOps. In this Keynote Session, Lauren will walk you through:

  • The major challenges an organization faces leading to increased costs
  • The Best Practices to be followed for Cloud Cost Optimization
  • Need for the FinOps culture to be inculcated within organizations

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