04 Apr, 2024 |
Min read
FinOps is an operational framework and cultural practice
Interview with Dieter Matzion
FinOps Spotlight: An interview series, Chapter 3
Dieter Matzion
Sr. Cloud Governance Engineer, Roku Inc.

Welcome to FinOps Spotlight, an exclusive interview series where we dive deep into the world of FinOps by engaging with industry experts and thought leaders. In this dynamic series, we aim to uncover the latest trends, best practices, and insights shaping the rapidly evolving landscape of FinOps.

In this episode, we invited Dieter Matzion. He is a member of Roku's Cloud Technology and Infrastructure team, supporting Cloud FinOps across AWS, GCP, and Azure. He has over 30 years of technical expertise working with companies like Google, Netflix, and Intuit.

Through FinOps Spotlight, we had the privilege of sitting with Dieter to explore the challenges and strategies driving innovation in cloud financial management. From cost optimization techniques to AI in FinOps and beyond, this interview aims to provide valuable perspectives and actionable advice for organizations navigating the complexities of cloud economics. Watch the full video interview for a more comprehensive view of the discussion and gain additional insights.

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