Effortless AWS RI Management with CloudKeeper Auto
The complexities of AWS RI management are real, but we are here to make it effortless for you. CloudKeeper Auto addresses all the challenges of AWS RI management at no extra cost. It makes the process hassle-free by automating AWS RI buying and selling as per infrastructure needs while maximizing your savings on compute instances.
Going Beyond the Basics - From AWS RI Management to Cloud Excellence
CloudKeeper Auto doesn't just stop at AWS RI management, but goes the extra mile to elevate your cloud strategy with:
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    Unlimited Cloud Support
    • Cloud cost optimization services & support
    • Ensure cost-efficient cloud 
    • Periodic Azure and AWS WAR by certified experts
    • Proactive anomaly detection & notification alerts
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    Cloud Cost Visibility
    • Resource-level cloud cost visibility
    • AWS reserved instances & savings plan utilization
    • Tagging and Anomaly Detection
    • Cloud Cost optimization recommendations
Pay only when you save. No platform fee.
We just take a small percentage of the total AWS cost savings you achieve through our platform, which means we only get paid when you save money. There is no additional cost or subscription fees.
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How does CloudKeeper Auto work?

Step 1

The entire onboarding takes less than 5 minutes

Step 2

Once onboarded, CloudKeeper runs an initial scan of your AWS account to analyze the potential savings.

Step 3

Enable 'AutoBot' for AWS RI management and the savings start instantly.

Step 4

Only pay a percentage of the total AWS cost savings achieved via AutoBot.

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Watch how CloudKeeper Auto helps with effortless AWS RI management!
Why choose CloudKeeper as your Cloud Cost Optimization Partner?


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Certified solutions architects & cloud experts


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What Our Clients Say
From DevOps engineers to CTOs, CFOs, and CEOs — CloudKeeper is loved by all!
  • Having access to experts whenever we need them in terms of new services, infrastructure & if we’re trying something new, CloudKeeper has the capability to support us. 

    Prateek Baheti

    Head of Technology
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is the pricing structure of CloudKeeper Auto and what does no cost mean?

    We only get paid when you save money. There is no extra or hidden cost for the CloudKeeper Auto AWS RI Management solution. We only charge a small portion of your total AWS  cost savings that we help you achieve through our platform.

  • Q2. Is the buyback of my AWS Reserved Instances guaranteed?

    Yes, we guarantee the buyback of the AWS Reserved Instance purchased through CloudKeeper Auto if you use less capacity than what you paid for. Furthermore, our growing customer base of 350+ also acts as a secondary marketplace for buying and selling AWS RIs. Thus ensuring your resources never go to waste.

  • Q3. What access does CloudKeeper Auto require? Is my infrastructure safe?

    CloudKeeper needs just IAM read-only access to perform the savings on compute costs. We don't need any access to your cloud environment. It’s completely secure.

  • Q4. What are the manual dependencies in this solution?

    CloudKeeper is a completely AI-based Automated AWS RI Management Solution that buys & sells RI reservations based on real-time needs.

  • Q5. Does the solution require any type of volume or term commitment from the user?

    No, we do not require any commitment.

  • Q6. What additional offerings does CloudKeeper Auto provide besides automated AWS RI management?

    In addition to addressing AWS RI management challenges, CloudKeeper Auto provides 24*7 Personalized Cloud Support & Guidance and  AWS Well-Architected Reviews, helping you optimize your cloud costs and cloud infrastructure. Moreover, as a CloudKeeper Auto customer, you gain exclusive access to CloudKeeper Lens, empowering you with valuable insights and analytics to further enhance your cloud optimization strategies. And all this comes at no cost to you.

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