Gain a comprehensive view of your cloud costs
CloudKeeper Lens is our proprietary Azure cloud cost visibility and recommendations platform. It offers real-time insights, cloud cost optimization recommendations, and a granular view of your cloud spending patterns and cost usage to empower informed decision-making.
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    Resource level cloud cost visibility
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    No access needed to your Azure account
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    Few clicks easy onboarding
How does CloudKeeper Lens help your business?
CloudKeeper Lens provides a comprehensive and unified dashboard for all Azure spends.

Billing Summary

Understand your cloud expenses better with an Azure bills summary, average daily cloud cost spent, and last 7-day cloud cost. Get insights into your monthly forecast and a daily cost breakup of Azure services.

Billing Summary

Resource Group & Subscription Breakup

Simplify your cloud expense tracking with detailed daily and monthly breakdowns categorized by resource groups and subscriptions.

RI & Savings Plan Utilization

Virtual Machine (VM) & Storage Breakup

Gain clarity on the charges for all the VM instances and identify which ones are incurring the highest expenses. Additionally, explore detailed breakdowns of your cloud cost spending on VMs and storage resources.

RI & Savings Plan Utilization

Daily Breakup Heatmap

The Daily Breakup heatmap shows the cloud cost variation for the month on a daily basis. Drill down further to identify specific usage types for Azure service.

RI & Savings Plan Utilization

Plan & Pricing

  • For CloudKeeper AZ customers

    Free access 
    to CloudKeeper Lens for customers who onboard with CloudKeeper AZ

  • For others

    30-day free trial! 
    2% of your monthly Azure bill after the trial period

Pro tip: CloudKeeper AZ gives you guaranteed savings on your entire Azure cloud bill, unlimited cloud support, 
and access to CloudKeeper Lens at no cost.

Why choose CloudKeeper as 
your Cloud Cost Optimization Partner?


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Average savings on the entire cloud bill

What Our Clients Say
From DevOps engineers to CTOs, CFOs, and CEOs — CloudKeeper is loved by all!
  • Cost savings kicked in immediately and were reflected in the next month’s bill. A second set of savings came in the longer term is due to the team, process and the tools that highlighted the areas we might look in to save money.

    Steven Thurlow

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. Why is cloud cost visibility important?

    Cloud cost visibility is crucial because it helps organizations avoid overspending and make smarter decisions about their cloud resources. Without clear insight into where the money is going, companies might end up wasting funds on unnecessary services or resources. This can also make it difficult to plan for the future or stay within budget. With better Azure cost monitoring organizations can spot areas where they're spending too much and find ways to cut costs. It also encourages accountability among the teams. 

  • Q2. What are the benefits of using CloudKeeper Lens?

    CloudKeeper Lens helps you:

    • Gain comprehensive & clear cloud cost visibility.
    • Efficient cost allocation, chargeback, and tagging.
    • Track and control cloud costs.
    • Alerts for cost spikes/unusual spending patterns.
    • Better cloud cost forecasting.
  • Q3. Is there a free trial available for CloudKeeper Lens?

    Yes, CloudKeeper Lens offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, the cost is 2% of your monthly cloud bill.

  • Q4. What cloud platforms does CloudKeeper Lens support?

    CloudKeeper Lens is a cloud cost visibility and recommendation platform available for both Azure and AWS cloud .

  • Q5. How can CloudKeeper Lens help me save money on my Azure bill?

    CloudKeeper Lens helps you identify potential cost savings opportunities by providing insights into your spending patterns. You can use this information to optimize your resource usage and choose the most cost-effective options.

  • Q6. Is CloudKeeper Lens available on Azure Marketplace?

    Yes, CloudKeeper Lens is available on Azure Marketplace.

  • Q7. How much does CloudKeeper Lens cost?

    CloudKeeper Lens is free for CloudKeeper AZ customers. For other users, there is a 30-day free trial, and after the trial period, the cost is 2% of your monthly cloud bill.

  • Q8. How can I sign up for a free trial?

    Click here to sign up for CloudKeeper Lens and explore its features firsthand.

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