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As we welcome 2024 with a bunch of fresh hopes, dreams, and some ambitious New Year resolutions, it felt like the perfect time to take a little trip down memory lane and peek at how 2023 shaped our journey.

So, here's a look at the key highlights of what happened at CloudKeeper in 2023. 

Igniting CloudKeeper 2.0 with Jaw-Dropping Launches

Early into the year 2023, we kicked off our CloudKeeper 2.0 strategy by launching an all-new, sleek, intuitive website along with our new logo. The rebranding was intended to improve the overall user experience and ensure everything is clear on what we stand for; Instant and Guaranteed Savings on Cloud. 

Website snap

We also rolled out our Mascot and made a grand entrance through videos and social media posts. He's a superhero battling cloud-cost villains, ensuring peace and cloud savings in the world – just like we strive to do.

Mascot Design

In April 2023, we launched our YouTube handle with a series of customer stories showcasing how CloudKeeper streamlined cloud cost management and brought them massive cloud savings – almost too good to be true! We're proud to say we've hit over 1000 subscribers. Check out our YouTube channel for some awesome content.

YT Snapshot


Last year also marked the birth of one of our flagship solutions, CloudKeeper Auto. It's an AI-based AWS Reserved Instances Management Platform that effortlessly provides EC2 instances On Demand, at 3-year RI Pricing, without any hassle or commitments from our customers.

And guess what? CloudKeeper Auto made its debut on the AWS Marketplace. This allowed us to reach a wider audience, serving businesses of all sizes with top-notch and sustainable cloud cost savings.

AWS Marketplace

We've also officially set foot in the Azure territory, broadening our horizons. We've kicked off Well-Architected Reviews and FinOps Consulting for Microsoft Azure too. We believe in spreading love and cloud savings across cloud platforms!

But wait, there's more – we've introduced CloudKeeper Lens in the Azure Marketplace. It's like bringing our cloud-saving superhero to a whole new audience. 

Azure Marketplace

Forging Powerful Alliances Along the Way

In 2023, we forged powerful alliances that took our Cloud FinOps game to new heights. We became a Premier Partner of the FinOps Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting best practices and standards in FinOps. Our CEO, Deepak Mittal, even joined the Board of Directors – talk about a power move!

Finops Foundation

In addition to being an AWS Premier Partner, we also earned the AWS Graviton Service Delivery Partnership. This achievement showcased our excellence in cloud services, helping our customers cut infrastructure costs, boost performance, and improve application responsiveness.

AWS Graviton

Jet-Setting and Throwing FinOps Fiesta Worldwide

2023 was all about spreading the FinOps love globally. We hosted events like the AWS Unconventional Hacks Webinar series and participated in major events such as AWS re:Invent, FinOps X, and SaaStock. Our FinOps experts were jet-setting around the world, sharing their expertise in cloud cost optimization. 


Bragging Rights: Awards and Milestones

CloudKeeper bagged a slew of awards and hit service-specific milestones in 2023, keeping us motivated to deliver top-notch Cloud FinOps solutions and massive savings to our customers.

Some of these milestones include - 



And here are the Industry Awards and Accolades that made our year shine:

industry awards

As a whole, 2023 has been eventful, challenging, and exciting for us. We hope for an even brighter and better year ahead. 

Happy New Year. Cheers to 2024!

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