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The G2 Spring 2023 report is here, and CloudKeeper has a reason to celebrate again.

CloudKeeper has been recognized as the global leader in the G2 Spring 2023 Grid® Report for the second time. We are in the top 3 positions for the best cloud cost management worldwide. Furthermore, CloudKeeper has also been named a leader in the cloud management platforms’ grid.

Leading the way in cloud cost management

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at CloudKeeper. With over 12 years of rich experience in the AWS cloud and FinOps ecosystem, we have grown over a global customer base of 300+ while delivering savings of over $100 mn on AWS Bills.

The love and trust of our customers have made CloudKeeper earn multiple awards including:

  • Best Support
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Best Usability, Easiest Admin
  • Easiest Setup

These G2 badges serve as a testament to CloudKeeper's hard work and dedication and demonstrate that its solutions are well-received by customers.

We have earned a spot in the top 3 rankings for multiple categories like - User Satisfaction, Compliance, Ease of Use, Spend Forecasting and Optimization, and Market Presence. 98% of users have rated 4 or more stars for CloudKeeper, with 91% expressing their willingness to strongly recommend CloudKeeper.

The solution also garnered users’ love across mid-market and small business spaces for cloud cost management. It is ranked #1 in the mid-market and #2 in the small business space, showcasing its unwavering commitment to providing a seamless FinOps experience to a wide range of businesses.

CloudKeeper showcases its strength in various attributes which are majorly considered to determine the satisfaction score in the G2 report for cloud cost management. The performance of CloudKeeper is illustrated in the accompanying images below.


data 2

data 3

Why should you consider G2 rankings?

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace. It helps over 80 million people every year make smarter software decisions based on authentic peer reviews. Every season, G2 publishes a comprehensive report that evaluates the leading players in the cloud cost management ecosystem.

The report is based on verified and authentic user reviews, offering an unbiased view of the world's top software companies. G2 employs an algorithm that considers genuine reviews and data collected from various online sources and social media networks to assess products in the cloud cost management category.

The Grid® represents the most prominent and leading players in the category, and we are thrilled CloudKeeper stands out as a leader among the competitors, once again. The Vice President & Managing Director of G2 Asia Pacific, Chris Perrine also praised CloudKeeper on these outstanding results in G2's Spring 2023 reports.

A note of gratitude for our customers

CloudKeeper expresses heartfelt gratitude to all its valuable customers for trusting them as their growth partners in the journey of cloud cost management. It’s the love and trust of our 300+ customers that drive us to be the best in the FinOps domain.

This year marks a new wave of growth and advancement, as we come up with a breakthrough solution CloudKeeper Auto, which is a zero-touch, AI-based RI management platform empowering organizations to save all the time, energy, and money spent on managing reserved instances.

The instant and guaranteed savings offered by CloudKeeper have been widely praised by customers and now we are even more determined to scale the cloud cost optimization strategies of our customers to the next level with even bigger savings and unparalleled support for cloud cost management.

Read the full coverage of CloudKeeper’s feat in the G2 Spring 2023 Report here.

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