Acing the Cloud Optimization by choosing the right services, pricing & best practices

In the fiercely competitive cloud infrastructure services market, Amazon Web Services continues its domination with an overall share of a whopping 32% as of 2021. This means that nearly one-third of the internet runs on AWS. With an unmatched set of 200+ tools and frameworks and the integrations with technologies like AR, VR, Machine Learning and Blockchain, AWS attracts businesses of all shapes and sizes.

But from a business perspective, effectively utilizing the ease-of-use, flexibility and the rich set of offerings from AWS depends on selecting the right instance type and pricing models, adopting best practices and continuously monitoring their cloud infrastructure for corrective actions. Thus, a Cloud Optimization Strategy plays a significant role in enabling organizations to make the most out of the cloud.

This whitepaper takes you through some of the crucial considerations in cloud infrastructure management and the importance of Automated Cloud Optimization solutions in designing a robust cloud strategy. The author also talks about -

  • Choosing the Right AWS Service for your Business
  • Understanding AWS Pricing Principles
  • How to Select the Ideal Cloud Optimization Solution

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