CloudKeeper, a global leader in AWS FinOps and Cost Optimization space, has announced the launch of CloudKeeper Auto, a Zero-touch AI-based AWS reservation management platform. The solution is specifically designed to help organizations optimize their AWS EC2 reservations, while also providing significant cloud cost savings.

Businesses can save significant costs on AWS through its offerings like Reserved Instances (RIs) and Saving Plans that require a 1-year or 3-year commitment. But, it is often difficult for businesses to predict their usage and make such long-term or large-volume commitments. Striking a balance between the cost of obtaining new resources and maintaining operational flexibility, while minimizing cloud waste, has always been a challenging trade-off.

CloudKeeper Auto helps tackle this challenge by combining the flexibility of On Demand instances and the cost-effectiveness of Reserved Instances. Using CloudKeeper Auto, organizations can buy AWS compute instances on-demand, at 3-Year Reserved Instance pricing, which is the highest discount tier for reservations. Notably, the solution does not require any type of volume or term commitment from the user.

The proprietary AI engine automatically buys/sells RIs on behalf of the organization, with just a simple IAM access to their AWS account. CloudKeeper charges only 18% of the total EC2 savings as a platform fee, which is one of the most competitive fees in the market.

CloudKeeper Auto completely takes away all manual dependencies on RI management and delivers substantial savings with -

  • Automated buying/selling of RIs on the secondary marketplace
  • Guaranteed buyback of RI reservations made through the platform
  • Risk-free coverage with no commitments and no billing transfer

The company also offers CloudKeeper AZ, a comprehensive cloud cost optimization solution that provides savings, software, and services, all bundled into one. The solution provides free access to their proprietary AWS Cost Analytics Platform and well-architected reviews from AWS-certified cloud experts. CloudKeeper AZ contractually guarantees savings on the entire AWS bill right from Day 1 of engagement.

However, not all AWS users could benefit from CloudKeeper AZ due to concerns with billing transfer, their own contractual obligations towards programs like AWS EDP, and more. CloudKeeper Auto, however, resolves these concerns with no requirements for billing transfer or commitment, and a zero-touch, AI-driven RI management system. With two distinct solutions tailored to meet various objectives of cloud cost optimization, CloudKeeper has now carved a niche for itself as a unique FinOps Solution Provider.

“At CloudKeeper, we have always been committed to solving cloud cost challenges. Our new solution is a direct response to the market feedback from those who could not leverage the potential of CloudKeeper AZ, due to multiple reasons. We hope to expand our reach to a broader set of AWS consumers, with a stronger arsenal of features,” said Deepak Mittal, CEO, CloudKeeper. “CloudKeeper Auto is capable of delivering superior and sustainable cost savings to all kinds of businesses across the world, completely risk-free!”

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