CloudKeeper, a leading AWS FinOps and cost optimization solution, has been named a key player in the IDC Market Glance: FinOps Cloud Transparency, 2Q23. This Market Glance examines how cloud cost transparency software and service providers support enterprise FinOps teams. CloudKeeper's inclusion in the report demonstrates its expertise and contribution to the competitive cloud cost transparency market.

The IDC Market Glance highlights the prominent FinOps cloud cost providers and vendors in the cloud cost transparency market, including FinOps software companies, hyper scalers, service providers, and niche vendors. The report maps out the five main segments of the market: Cloud Iaas Resource Optimization, Reporting and Pricing Analytics/Recommendations, Cloud Software as a Service Management, FinOps Service Providers, and Container Optimization.

The report identifies CloudKeeper as a leading provider in three out of the five key segments: Cloud Iaas Resource Optimization, Reporting and Pricing Analytics/Recommendations, and FinOps Service Providers.

Deepak Mittal - CEO, CloudKeeper, said, "We are honored to be featured in the IDC Market Glance: FinOps Cloud Transparency. This acknowledgment solidifies our position as a trusted FinOps partner in helping organizations optimize their cloud costs and drive significant ROI from their cloud investments.” He further added, “The market is continuously evolving and growing, and CloudKeeper is well-positioned to capitalize on this growth with its customer-centric FinOps offerings which have already benefited over 300+ global customers."

Each segment mentioned in the report signifies essential capabilities provided to the FinOps teams by the vendors. CloudKeeper’s mention in the Cloud Iaas Resource Optimization segment showcases its ability to streamline and optimize cloud resources to achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings. With a focus on Reporting and Pricing Analytics/Recommendations, CloudKeeper Lens, a proprietary and user-friendly AWS Cost Management Platform empowers businesses with real-time and actionable insights to make informed decisions about their cloud costs. Furthermore, CloudKeeper helps in reducing cloud spending by recommending new saving plans, spot, or reserved instances. As a FinOps Service Provider, CloudKeeper is among the leading vendors providing business and technical consulting to enterprises wishing to implement FinOps or to help mature an existing team with best practices.

CloudKeeper offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the specific FinOps needs and customer segments. The FinOps solutions by CloudKeeper include CloudKeeper AZ offering instant and guaranteed savings, CloudKeeper Auto - an AI-based automated RI management and CloudKeeper EDP+ providing additional discounts with lower commit on AWS EDP.

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