TO THE NEW (TTN), a digital technology company providing digital transformation and product engineering services to independent software vendors (ISVs), consumer internet, and large enterprises across the globe, has launched their new AWS Cloud Cost Analytics platform, CK Lens™ on the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software.

With TO THE NEW’s analytics platform, CK Lens™, organizations can effectively manage their cloud resources and optimize their AWS spending instantly in a single place. The solution provides a complete view of infrastructure consumption costs, identifies areas for optimization, billing breakdown, daily cost usage, and much more. CK Lens™ is a part of TTN’s proprietary solution, CloudKeeper, an in-house cloud FinOps solution that ensures a 5-15% reduction of your AWS expenses.

TTN also offers a 90-days free CK Lens™ trial period to customers, to help kick-start their journey to monitor and analyze their usage to ensure efficient AWS deployment at all times.

Deepak Mittal, CEO & Co-Founder, TO THE NEW said, “We’ve seen a surge in demand for cloud-based Cost Management platforms recently as companies rush to move to the cloud. CK Lens will improve businesses’ operational efficiency, streamline cloud costs, and allow them to make better business decisions by leveraging important data insights. Migration to the cloud is expected to continue in the future, and CK Lens will evolve to keep up with the pace of digital transformation requirements.”

CK Lens™ serves over 200+ customers globally and has been developed as a result of TO THE NEW’s decade-long experience working with AWS. TO THE NEW has also been an AWS Premier Consulting Partner since 2018.

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