TO THE NEW, a leading digital technology company, has today announced its recognition for the Consulting & Transformation Services Midmarket, Managed Services for Midmarket, and FinOps Services and Cloud Optimization categories in ISG's 2023 Multi Public Cloud Services Provider Lens™ report.

"This recognition in the three key categories of ISG's 2023 Multi Public Cloud Services Provider Lens report is a true honor," says Deepak Mittal, CEO of TO THE NEW. "It signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of the multi-cloud landscape, offering customers access to the latest tools, technologies, and best practices.” He further added, “ CloudKeeper, our proprietary solution, stands as a leading force in Cloud Cost Optimization & FinOps. It empowers clients to achieve their business goals strategically and cost-efficiently, transforming the cloud into a true competitive advantage."

This Provider Lens™ evaluates providers offering public cloud services, including consulting and transformation, managed services, public cloud infrastructure, and specialized services like FinOps and SAP HANA environments, across multiple major public cloud platforms, like AWS, Azure, and GCP, helping businesses choose the right partner for their multi-cloud strategy.

The consulting and transformation quadrant of the report evaluates providers that assist enterprises in modernizing, optimizing, and transforming their IT operations to achieve greater efficiency, agility, and security. The managed services for Midmarket quadrant assesses managed service providers who adopt DevOps-centric approach to support robust CI/CD pipelines with strong container management capabilities, offer expertise in site reliability engineering (SRE) and business resiliency, cloud infrastructure lifecycle management and real-time multicloud monitoring with predictive analytics to maximize performance, reduce costs and ensure compliance and security.

The FinOps and cloud optimization quadrant assesses service providers who offer expertise in workload assessment, cloud governance, and FinOps, utilizing AI/ML analytics to predict costs and identify savings opportunities. Leaders actively manage FinOps tools for clients, automate resource utilization, and even handle resource transactions while streamlining workflows for swift budget management. In essence, these providers become expert partners in navigating the complexities of multi-cloud cost optimization.

ISG's independent validation provides assurance that TO THE NEW possesses the necessary expertise and capabilities to deliver value, optimize cloud investments, and drive business transformation.Being named in ISG's Provider Lens is a significant milestone on this journey, and TO THE NEW remains dedicated to continuously enhancing its offerings and exceeding customer expectations. Furthermore, CloudKeeper, its proprietary solution, empowers organizations using multi -cloud services by delivering guaranteed cost savings and comprehensive FinOps services.

About ISG

ISG Analyst firm, also known as Information Services Group, Inc., is a leading global technology research and advisory firm based in Stamford, Connecticut. It specializes in providing expert guidance and market insights to help businesses, service providers, and technology vendors navigate the ever-changing world of information technology.

The ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant research series is their leading source of independent market evaluation for service providers. The reports provide detailed data and market analysis to help enterprises select appropriate sourcing partners. The research currently covers providers offering their services across multiple geographies globally.

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