Are your workloads in Azure infrastructure delivering maximum value?
If you are uncertain, Azure Well-Architected Review will help you analyze if your Azure cloud is well-optimized or not and identify the 
improvement areas and optimization opportunities.
Why should you prioritize an Azure Well-Architected Review?
Once you've transitioned to the cloud, ensuring a steady ROI from your infrastructure is extremely essential for long-term success and sustainability. To achieve this, it's important to follow the guiding principles and best practices outlined by Microsoft Azure, structured around five key pillars:
  • cloud costs savings


    Ensuring consistent uptime and minimizing downtime risks even in the face of disruptions.

  • cloud costs savings


    Implementing robust measures to safeguard your data and infrastructure.

  • cloud costs savings

    Cost Optimization

    Adopting a cost-efficient mindset to optimize cloud spend and resources for maximum value.

  • cloud costs savings

    Performance Efficiency

    Enhancing responsiveness and scalability to deliver seamless user experiences.

  • cloud costs savings

    Operational Excellence

    Improving workload quality through standardized workflows and team cohesion.

Why CloudKeeper for Azure Well-Architected Review?
A Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, with 15+ Years of cloud expertise, CloudKeeper stands out as one of the 
most experienced Azure Well-Architected Review Partners.
How do we perform the Azure Well-Architected Reviews?
The Azure-Certified Experts from CloudKeeper perform a comprehensive review of your infrastructure using a structured approach.
  • Initial Assessment
    We begin by understanding the state of your current cloud environment. This includes discussing your needs, challenges, and desired outcomes for the Azure Well-Architected Review.
  • Workload Identification
    Building upon the insights gathered, we proceed to identify the workload within your Azure environment. This could be a single application, a group of related applications, or your entire cloud infrastructure.
  • An In-depth Architectural Review
    Our certified Azure experts will then perform a comprehensive review of your chosen workload(s) against the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected framework.
  • Identification of Potential Risks & Opportunities
    Based on our thorough examination, we identify strengths, weaknesses, areas for improvement, and opportunities, laying the groundwork for optimization and enhancement.
  • A Personalized Roadmap for Improvement
    We share a detailed report outlining our findings and most importantly, a clear roadmap for improvement. This customized roadmap will include recommendations, actionable steps, and strategies.
No costs involved.
Completely funded by CloudKeeper!
The Azure Well-Architected Reviews are entirely free. Why, you may ask?
These reviews help showcase our capabilities and the guaranteed cloud savings we can deliver. Most organizations end up choosing us as their long-term cloud cost optimization partner. We would love to have you onboard as well!
Ready for a health checkup of your Azure cloud?
Throughout the Azure Well-Architected Review process, we remain transparent, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. We would love to provide ongoing support to help you achieve your cloud optimization goals.
Why choose CloudKeeper as 
your Cloud Cost Optimization Partner?


Years of experience in cloud


Certified solutions architects & cloud experts


Global customers


Average savings on the entire cloud bill

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1. What is Azure Well-Architected Framework?

    Azure Well-Architected Framework is a design framework comprising a set of best practices, guides, and tools provided by Microsoft Azure to help you build and maintain high-quality workloads in the Azure cloud platform. The Azure Well-Architected Framework focuses on five key pillars: Reliability, Security, Cost Optimization, Performance Efficiency, and Operational Excellence.

  • Q2. What is Azure Well-Architected Review?

    An Azure Well-Architected Review is a comprehensive assessment of your Azure cloud environment, designed to identify areas for improvement and ensure your business is built on the best architectural principles. Think of it as a health checkup for your cloud infrastructure, conducted by certified experts.

  • Q3. What should be the frequency of Azure Well-Architected Reviews?

    There's no single ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer to the frequency of Azure Well-Architected Reviews. The frequency of Azure Well-Architected Reviews can vary depending on several factors such as the rate of change in your Azure environment, the criticality of your workloads, the maturity stage of your cloud, and your organization's goals and objectives. Evaluate your specific circumstances and adjust the frequency accordingly.

  • Q4. How much does an Azure Well-Architected Review cost?

    The cost of an Azure Well-Architected Review can vary depending on multiple factors. This includes the scope of your review, the complexity of the Azure cloud environment, the Azure Well-Architected Review Partner you engage with, and other additional services offered. 

    To get an accurate cost estimate for an Azure Well-Architected Review, reach out to Azure-certified consulting partners. CloudKeeper offers a zero-cost Azure Well-Architected Review.

  • Q5. What happens after the Azure Well-Architected Review by CloudKeeper is complete?

    CloudKeeper will provide you with a detailed report outlining the findings, including:

    • Identified strengths and weaknesses of your Azure environment.
    • Specific recommendations for improvement.
    • A customized roadmap with actionable steps for optimization.
  • Q6. How can CloudKeeper help implement the Azure Well-Architected Review findings?

    CloudKeeper offers end-to-end FinOps consulting and support to help your organization implement the recommendations for improvement outlined in the roadmap. This can help you optimize your Azure environment further and achieve your cloud cost management goals.

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