How Damstra reduced their entire AWS spends by 22%, working with CloudKeeper

Enterprise Software Services
Melbourne, Australia
Founded in:
Company Size:
51-200 employees
Customer Speaks
CloudKeeper really helps us keep control of our cloud costs in a simple and concise format. It is easy to track down cost increases and anomalies across all of our cloud accounts.

Damien Camilleri

Chief Technology Officer

Damstra Technology is a global leader in enterprise protection software. They provide multiple SaaS offerings which include workforce management, access control, asset management, learning management, and HSE management solutions.

Values delivered

  • Instant savings of 12% on entire AWS costs.
  • 10% cost reduction through architectural optimizations.
  • Enhanced cloud cost visibility & reporting.
  • Proactive anomaly detection & resolution


Complex Workload Distribution

They struggled with the intricate distribution of cloud workloads across multiple teams and geographical locations. This complexity hindered efficient resource management and cost optimization, posing operational challenges.

Cost Deprioritization

The engineering team at Damstra prioritized developing new features, moving cloud cost optimization slightly out of focus. This adversely affected financial efficiency and hindered the company’s efforts to optimize expenditure within their AWS infrastructure.


Damstra got onboard CloudKeeper AZ in July 2020 and achieved notable savings right from Day 1.CloudKeeper delivered more than 12% of savings on their entire AWS bills instantly. The solution helped them in optimizing their AWS Reservation Management.

Damstra also saved an additional 10% on their cloud costs, by the following architectural optimizations -

  • Moving applications to latest generation instances
  • Network tuning to reduce data transfer
  • Architectural changes in load balancer setup
Cost Analytics & Reporting

With complementary access to CloudKeeper Lens, Damstra enhanced their cost visibility and reporting capabilities.

Well-Architected Reviews

Fine-tuned their cloud infrastructure based on the architectural guidelines of AWS for better performance, scalability and security.

Anomaly Detection

CloudKeeper enabled Damstra to efficiently detect and address any unusual spikes or dips in cloud spend.

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