How eLocal is leveraging CloudKeeper to adopt FinOps best practices & reduce their AWS cost by 25%

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Pennsylvania, USA
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51-200 employees
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CloudKeeper really helps us keep control of our cloud costs in a simple and concise format. It is easy to track down cost increases and anomalies across all of our cloud accounts.

Damien Camilleri

Chief Technology Officer

About eLocal
eLocal is a dynamic and seasoned marketing company that connects millions of local consumers to the businesses they need. Backed by Homeserve Group, the company has helped boost the revenue and retention rates of thousands of local, regional, and national businesses. They are completely hosted on AWS with a growing footprint due to acquisitions & organic growth.

Values delivered

  • Immediate cloud savings of 10%. 
  • Further cost reduction by 15% through architectural-level optimizations.
  • Efficient resource allocation and cost savings.
  • Comprehensive cloud cost visibility. 


Lack of Visibility

eLocal had an extensive and complex AWS infrastructure distributed across multiple projects which hampered the overall cloud usage visibility.

Right-sizing of Instances

Due to a large number of AWS instances, they struggled to manage resource provisioning, creating performance bottlenecks and budgetary constraints.

Manual RI/SP Management

They managed AWS RIs and Savings Plans manually, which led to overcommitments, limited flexibility, and challenges with dynamic workloads.

Cost Monitoring Challenges

eLocal found it difficult to track and analyze cloud costs due to the complexity of their large AWS infrastructure, which was constantly being scaled up.


After eLocal was onboarded to our end-to-end AWS Cost Optimization solution CloudKeeper AZ, they received immediate savings of 10% on their overall monthly AWS bills, owing to the RI pricing offered for 100% of their EC2 usage.

Additionally, they could further reduce their AWS costs by 15%, with the help of architectural-level optimizations which included eliminating cloud waste, right-sizing resources, fine-tuning the system design, and further recommendations around the following services -

  • EC2 and RDS


  • Load Balancer


  • EBS volumes and S3 storage


Better Cost Visibility

CloudKeeper customers get complimentary access to CloudKeeper Lens, a proprietary Cloud Cost Analytics and Reporting platform. The comprehensive cost dashboards from the solution helped them improve their cost visibility. 

Well-Architected Reviews

CloudKeeper helped them align their cloud setup as per the design principles of AWS, backed by a team of AWS-certified cloud experts.

Cost and Usage Anomaly Detection

CloudKeeper helped them continuously monitor and address cost anomalies leading to more efficient resource allocation and cost savings. 

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