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The cloud initiatives of your organization scale with the company’s growth. The role of Cloud Financial Management becomes vital in such scenarios to efficiently map the ROIs. AWS, the largest cloud provider globally, offers various discount and incentive programs that can be used to reduce overall cloud operating costs and efficiency. Missing out on these plans is much like leaving money on the table.

AWS Enterprise Discount Program (AWS EDP)

An AWS EDP is a cloud pricing program that provides a discount to organizations in exchange for an annual consumption commitment. The size of the discount is directly proportional to your committed annual spend and term length.

This plan is highly beneficial for organizations if:

  - In the next three years, your projected spend is more than $1 million/annum across all AWS services. (The commit requirement might be lower in a few geographies)

  - You can accurately forecast your service consumption requirements.

  - You are already subscribed to AWS Enterprise Support or see a value in opting for it, as signing up for an EDP is a mandatory requirement.

  - The projected AWS spending is unlikely to go down but is expected to continuously grow in the future

  - You do not have any plans to switch your cloud provider during the EDP tenure.

In order to avoid the risk associated with AWS EDPs, ensure that your organization is likely to consume the amount of resources that are committed. Usage of ISV tools like NewRelic, DataDog, Snowflake, F5, etc. can also be routed via AWS Marketplace to offset AWS EDP commitment.

With said that, cloud transformation is more than just a lift and shift; it takes time to maximize the potential of the cloud through strategy, security, optimization, and management. Hence, AWS EDP can be an attractive option if you are confident enough to make it work.

It is always advisable to have an experienced Cloud Partner by your side as they ensure to devise a perfect AWS EDP plan that is well aligned with the business needs & priorities with better negotiation and maximum savings.

How can CloudKeeper help you with AWS EDP?

Here’s how CloudKeeper has been delivering maximum value to its AWS EDP customers for more than a decade now:

Maximizing Cloud Savings with the AWS EDP Plan & CloudKeeper Guaranteed Saving

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, CloudKeeper works at the forefront to drive the end-to-end process of finalizing the ideal AWS EDP plan for you. We thoroughly analyze your short-term and long-term plans along with other parameters like the platform, tools, and resources. Our long-term collaboration with AWS enables us to negotiate the best route at an optimal price, maximum discount, and shorter renewal cycles.

In addition to the discount you'll receive with the AWS EDP plan, CloudKeeper provides guaranteed savings of up to 15% on your entire AWS bill at no extra cost. This means that you can enjoy even more cost savings over and above the EDP benefits.

Better Cost Management of AWS Cloud Spending

Once the plan is ready we can help validate the overall progress of EDP consumption and outline the best ways to meet spending commitments. Our proprietary cost management platform CK Lens™ offers you a granular view of your infrastructure usage costs to ensure efficient AWS deployment and cost optimization.

It also helps you understand cloud cost spending patterns, allocation, chargebacks, and tagging. It offers you recommendations for right-sizing & right-costing cloud usage. Furthermore, periodic assessments by our AWS-certified cloud engineers ensure the success of your AWS EDP Plan.

Analyzing Critical Factors & Variables before finalizing AWS EDP Plan

With our diverse experience of working with global clients in finding their best AWS EDP plan, we know the nitty gritty that comes along with it. Discount plans may appear attractive at first glance, but they require nuanced analysis to determine if they are actually profitable based on multiple factors.

Some of these factors are like using the latest generation instance types, using the right size instance types, new ongoing initiatives & planned initiatives in the coming quarters/years, adoption of new technologies/frameworks, and migration to/from cloud providers.

The finalization of the AWS EDP plan requires a deep understanding of how various services of AWS impact costs. CloudKeeper examines the factors and variables that have significantly impacted past cloud usages, such as costs, security issues, unexpected overruns, and more, as well as the upcoming market trends that may impact your future user demands. Subsequently, many businesses, especially the ones that are new to the cloud benefit greatly from a reliable cloud partner at this critical phase.

Taking away the burden of Cloud Support

The real journey does not end at AWS EDP plan selection, but rather begins here. As the business expands, support costs required to optimize resources and reduce vulnerabilities can cost a pretty penny, bringing you back to square one.

With CloudKeeper you can easily navigate through this. We are one of the very few audited Managed Services Partners of AWS. Our team of 800+ AWS-accredited engineers assists you with personalized insights & recommendations, 24*7 managed services, and customer support reducing the overall burden of support needs.

The Final Thoughts

Before pursuing any AWS discount program, make sure to do your own due diligence. AWS EDP offers many advantages, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for every organization. A detailed examination and strategic planning should help you determine if it is potentially the right plan for you. CloudKeeper is actively managing tens of millions of AWS EDP spends across multiple customers and as a partner we ensure that you navigate seamlessly through cloud transformation and rein in cloud spending.

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