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Navigating the FinOps Landscape: A Comprehensive Market Analysis
CloudKeeper continues to be a leader in Spring 2023 G2 Grid® Reports in the Cloud Cost Management Category
CloudKeeper ranks in the Top 3 Cloud Cost Management Providers in G2 Winter 2023 Grid® Reports
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CloudKeeper ranks in the top 5 partners globally in the Well-Architected Challenge conducted by AWS
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CloudKeeper by TO THE NEW joins FinOps Foundation as a new member company
TO THE NEW launches CK Lens™, an AWS Cost Management platform on AWS Marketplace
CloudKeeper, an AWS FinOps solution, aims to onboard 150 new customers in 2021 in the US
TO THE NEW launches CloudKeeper, reduces AWS spends by 15%
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TO THE NEW recognized by ISG for its strong competencies in Public Cloud