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In a series of interview sessions at AWS re:Invent, CloudKeeper engaged FinOps leaders in a thought-provoking dialogue, exploring the intricacies of FinOps, and cost management challenges & solutions. Our team asked some of the most widely discussed topics to experts from organizations such as ISG, Everest Group, Capgemini, Merck, TP ICAP, Slickdeals, and others, unearthing insightful perspectives on FinOps, and providing a deeper understanding of the current landscape of cloud cost management.

Meet the FinOps leaders who shared insights with CloudKeeper at AWS re:Invent-

  • Jay Mehta, Associate Director, MRL Engineering team lead at Merck and Co. Jay leads the R&D landscape at Merck, focusing on enterprise transformation of the obsolete infrastructure environments.
  • Shahen Bokhari, Cloud FinOps Head at TP ICAP. She leads the Cloud FinOps function.
  • Parminder Dhillon, Head of Cloud FinOps & Acceleration at Capgemini. Parminder helps customers with financial services, cloud migration, and modernization.   
  • Shashank Rajmane, Principal Analyst- Cloud, Data Center, Infrastructure Services at  Information Services Group. Shashank heads the public and hybrid cloud markets within the global geographies. He helps large enterprises select the right provider for their IT requirements. 
  • Vish Chidambaram, VP of Enterprise Security and Compliance at AliveCor Inc. Vish heads the cybersecurity, IT & infrastructure teams. 
  • Mukesh Ranjan, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure at Everest Group. Mukesh focuses on cloud and infrastructure research and development. 
  • Roni Thomas, Senior Manager, Cloud Engineering at CaseWare International. Roni overlooks a team of cloud engineers working on infrastructure development on the AWS cloud.
  • Jon Daniels , Director of Data Engineering at BENlabs. He helped build data science, data engineering, and data analytics teams and their tech stack from the ground up. 
  • Greg Mabrito, Director of Data and Analytics at Slickdeals. He heads the data solutions team.
  • Anand Sreedharan,  Director, Research IT Engineering at Merck. Anand heads the applications under Early Discovery at Merck Research & Development Science. 
  • Shelomo Dobkin, Director of Product Development at Orthodox Union.  Shelomo heads the development department. 
  • Joe Reynolds, Senior Manager, Software Engineering at Archer Integrated Risk Management. Joe heads the software engineering department and works with Archer’s AWS reps to understand new feature capabilities and areas of improving cost efficiencies.
  • Rafael Goldenberg, VP of Engineering at DigitalReef. Rafael oversees the work of three primary full-stack development teams. 

Discover a recap of their valuable perspectives on FinOps strategies and cost management challenges-

The collective perspective on FinOps was unanimous – it's not solely about cost-cutting but a strategic approach to making money by optimizing cloud resources. The leaders emphasized that FinOps acts as a crucial bridge between technology and finance, emphasizing the necessity of integrating cost considerations into architectural decisions. The aftermath of widespread cloud adoption during the pandemic highlighted current struggles in managing and optimizing costs effectively.

Among the myriad challenges discussed, RDS emerged as a central concern, with leaders expressing surprise at its substantial costs. The commitment to consumption gaps on AWS and the need to align commitments with actual usage was underscored. Leaders stressed the importance of robust cost control, crafting tailored solutions, and leveraging reserved instances to effectively address these challenges.

When delving into cost optimization hacks, the conversation touched upon the cultural shift required within organizations. Treating cost as a key performance indicator and benchmarking against on-premises costs were highlighted as crucial practices. The recommendation included regular sessions to uncover low-hanging fruits for optimization, fostering a culture of continuous cost scrutiny.

CloudKeeper took center stage in the discussion, earning commendations from FinOps leaders for its cost-saving capabilities. Expressing eagerness to explore CloudKeeper's offerings, the leaders recognized its potential to simplify the complex landscape of cloud cost management and optimization.

As the cloud continues to reshape the business landscape, the insights shared by FinOps leaders, representing a diverse array of companies, shed light on the evolving nature of cloud financial operations.


As the cloud continues to reshape the business landscape, the insights shared by FinOps leaders shed light on the evolving nature of cloud financial operations. From the strategic importance of FinOps to the challenges posed by specific services like RDS, the interview provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of cloud cost management. CloudKeeper, with its innovative solutions, has piqued the interest of FinOps leaders, signifying a potential shift in how enterprises approach cloud financial operations.

For a deeper dive into the conversation and to glean further insights, we invite you to watch the complete video interview. Discover firsthand the perspectives, suggestions, and expert opinions that can guide your organization in navigating the intricacies of FinOps in the ever-evolving cloud landscape.

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