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Amazon Web Services has maintained its position as a leader in the cloud market and is way ahead of the other cloud providers. This makes AWS cloud certifications the most sought-after certifications by IT professionals. 

An internationally recognized accreditation that validates IT professionals' AWS skills and expertise is the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Certification. This cloud certification program comprises key domains, including various aspects of AWS cloud computing such as architecture, development, and operations. The individuals who hold the top AWS certifications are in high demand in the industry due to the increased cloud adoption.

One must become an AWS-certified individual to evaluate an individual’s knowledge of various AWS services and advance their career. These certifications vary from entry-level to professional levels. They showcase an individual's proficiency and expertise in AWS. 

Advantages of obtaining an AWS certification

  1. Skills Credibility Certification - Getting top AWS certifications indicates expertise in the technical skills involved in cloud computing and cloud cost management. Earning top AWS certifications provides added value to the organization above and beyond the certification cost. 

  2. Competitive advantage - As companies build their cloud infrastructure, an AWS-certified person has a competitive advantage over others in the eyes of the organization as well as customers. One of the greatest advantages of doing cloud certification is that it helps to close skills gaps and stay up to date with the latest technology. 

  3. Enhanced job effectiveness - To make a promising career in AWS, AWS cloud certification are considered the most credible accreditation. So, cloud cost management certifications play a crucial role in enhancing job effectiveness and productivity. AWS-certified professionals are faster in troubleshooting the issues, and meeting the client requirements. Cloud computing companies prefer to invest in candidates with top AWS certifications.

Key AWS Certifications

The following are a few top AWS certifications available on the AWS website:

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - This certification accesses cloud fluency and foundational AWS knowledge. This AWS Certification journey is for individuals with no prior IT or cloud experience. It is also for those individuals who want to switch to a cloud computing career.   

    Table 1
  2. AWS Certified Data Engineer - Associate - This certification evaluates the candidate's knowledge of core data-related AWS services. It includes areas such as the ability to monitor and troubleshoot issues, implement data pipelines, cost optimization, and performance optimization.  

    Table 2
  3. AWS Certified Developer - Associate - This AWS cloud certification showcases an understanding of core AWS services and their uses. This cloud certification involves basic AWS architecture best practices, and skills in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications using AWS.  

    Table 3
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - This cloud certification is useful for individuals who want to demonstrate their AWS technology knowledge and skills. This cloud certification mainly focuses on understanding the AWS Well-Architected Framework and designing performance-optimized solutions.  

    Table 4
  1. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate - This credential cloud certification helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. 

    Table 5

AWS certifications accelerate career advancement

To validate one’s expertise in technology, certifications have proven to be an excellent way and AWS cloud certifications have become globally recognized. IT professionals pursue these cloud cost management certifications to accelerate their career growth and help in salary hikes.

As many organizations are heavily investing in cloud computing technologies, the number of cloud services will continue to rise. This is a major reason why AWS certifications are associated with some of the highest salary-paying jobs in the Cloud industry. Moreover, for making careers in AWS, these cloud certifications can prove to be a great start.

Different paths and levels of AWS certifications

AWS has categorized all the cloud certifications– Foundational, Professional, Associate, & Specialty. These AWS certifications are categorized based on different skill sets & levels of expertise within the AWS platform.

  1. Foundational

    Foundational certifications are suitable for individuals new to the AWS cloud. This certification level helps in getting a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Cloud. The certification exam covers foundational concepts such as AWS services, architecture, & security.  For this certification, no prior experience is required. 

  1. Professional

    Professional certifications are ideal IT certifications for experienced individuals to demonstrate their expertise in a specific field. To clear a professional certification, candidates must showcase their ability to design & implement advanced AWS solutions. 2 years of prior AWS Cloud experience is recommended.

  1. Associate

    This AWS cloud certification level is ideal for individuals who possess complete knowledge of at least one AWS service. The AWS Associate certification is further divided into different sections - Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator.

    Solutions Architect certification lays focus on designing & deploying scalable fault-tolerant systems. The Developer certification emphasizes building & maintaining applications based on AWS whereas the SysOps Administrator certification covers deployment, management, & operating systems on AWS. Prior cloud and/or strong on-premises IT experience is recommended.

  1. Specialty

    This AWS certification specializes in fields like big data, machine learning, & security. For this exam, refer to the exam guides on the exam pages for recommended experience.


Pursuing the top AWS certifications gives a great opportunity to start and gain expertise in the AWS cloud industry. Cloud Professionals with one or more cloud certifications are an asset to the organization and are beneficial in terms of career growth and good salary compensation. 

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